About us

Delfos Research’s Manifesto
At Delfos Research, we believe in doing good research to create new knowledge. This is our mantra. As Briony J. Oates (1), we believe doing good research means

we don’t jump to conclusions but carefully find sufficient and appropriate sources of data, properly record, analyse and interpret that data, draw well-founded conclusions based on evidence, and present the findings in an acceptable way in a report, presentation or article.

We always put good research first.

(1) Oates, B.J. 2006 “Researching Information Systems and Computing”. Sage

At Delfos Research, we follow three principles align to our manifesto:

  • Quality: Delfos Research aims to provide rigour and relevance in the Market Research Space.
  • Ethics: Delfos Research considers that honesty in research and results is the pilar for being an independent provider of market intelligence.
  • Methodology: Research is the creation of new knowledge, using an appropriate process, to the satisfaction of the users of the research. Delfos will always use the most appropriate research methodology to create value and understanding.